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The history of our company dates back to 1889 when the Eerste Nederlandsche insurance company established its first subsidiary in Suriname. Over the years, companies like Olveh, Ago, Manulife, Nieuwe Eerste Nederlandsche, SURAM, NEN Schadeverzekering, De Nationale, ENNA and NIFM have become a part of what is presently the Assuria Group, which offers Life and General Insurances, including Term Insurances, Endowments and Pension Insurances, Motor, Fire, Travel and Health Insurances. We are a large institutional investor, which is especially active in the field of mortgage loans and real estate developments.

Assuria General (GY) Inc. and Assuria Life (GY) Inc. have been offering quality and innovative Insurance products supported with excellent customer service to Guyana’s population since March 2012. Our companies offer Motor, Fire, Liability, Life and Pension insurances to the Guyana insurance market.

Since April 2013, we have also been active in Trinidad & Tobago through Gulf Insurance Ltd. This company offers General Insurances in Trinidad and several Caribbean Islands. In January 2015 Assuria acquired controlling interest in Mega Insurance Company Ltd. This company is active in Trinidad & Tobago and offers Life Insurances. The name of Mega Insurance Company Ltd. was changed to Assuria Life (T&T) Ltd.


Assuria Guyana is dedicated to providing insurance products with quality protection and valued pricing. We maintain a successful partnership with all stakeholders and respect the interests and goals of each party while remaining trendsetters within the insurance market.

ISO 9001: 2015 Certification

Assuria is the first and currently the only ISO-certified financial service provider in Guyana. Partly as a result thereof, we can guarantee our customers high-quality services that meet international requirements. The quality of our management system, the commitment of our dedicated and qualified employees and the ideas of our customers contribute to the continuous quality improvement of our services.

We have worked closely with The Guyana National Bureau of Standards and KIWA Nederland B.V. for
our current Quality achievements and we intend to continue to do so in order to provide our customers
with well-deserved quality service.

Certification to the ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System Standard shows the dedication and the commitment of Assuria General (GY) Inc. and Assuria Life (GY) Inc. in providing exceptional customer service and Insurance products to the Guyanese population.

In Suriname we have been ISO certified since 2009 and here in Guyana we have held this certification since 2016.

Check out our ISO certificate: ISO Certificate Assuria

Financial Reports

We are a financially solid organization and offer assurance to our private and business clients. Assuria is a trustworthy, reliable and healthy financial partner to our business partners, shareholders and employees. Basically we’re Solid and Secure!

Click below to view our Financial Reports.

Assuria General (GY) Inc Financial Report 2019
Assuria Life (GY) Inc Financial Report 2019

Assuria General (GY) Inc. Financial Report 2018
Assuria Life (GY) Inc. Financial Report 2018

Insurance Glossary

Insurance may seem complicated to understand or you might just want to be sure of what certain phrases or terms actually mean. So to assist you better, we’ve made our Insurance Dictionary available. Do have a look!
E03V0 Dictionary for Insurance

Our Team and Organization

At Assuria, we pride ourselves in being able to provide quality insurance products and services to our customers in an efficient and safe environment. Our Management Team with years of experience in the Industry, along with our motivated, professional and friendly staff will ensure that we continue to provide great services and products, meet and even exceed customer expectations and continue to be trendsetters in the Industry.

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