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Motor Insurance in Guyana is regulated by the Motor Vehicle Insurance (Third Party Risks) Act Chapter 51:03 of 1937, which requires all registered Motor Vehicle owners to maintain certain minimum coverage levels.

Why do we need motor insurance?

Motor Insurance protects you when you are involved in an accident by paying on your behalf the amounts of damages you are legally responsible for, but only up to the dollar limit that you have purchased. If you have purchased sufficient coverage your personal assets will not be jeopardized to pay claims or lawsuits.

Benefits of Assuria’s Motor Insurance

• 10% Safe Driver Discount on Comprehensive policies.
• Free Insurance to drive in Suriname. A valid Motor Insurance from Assuria in Guyana gives you a valid Insurance to Drive in Suriname. One insurance for two countries on a single certificate. Don’t believe it? Click here to see for yourself!
• Multi Business Discounts. If you have another type of insurance policy existing at Assuria, for example, Fire or Life Policy, you are eligible for discounts on your Motor Insurance Policy.
• Fleet Discount. Once you have 2 vehicles or more insured at Assuria with active policies, you are eligible for discounts on all of those policies. The more vehicles you insure with us, the more discounts you are eligible for. This is just one of our ways of giving back to our loyal customers.
• Choice of Premiums and Deductibles. One size does not fit all! At Assuria, we believe in offering solutions to suit our customers’ needs. We want you to be comfortable with your choice. This is why we provide affordable options with rates that allow you to select a Motor Insurance Policy that suits your budget or needs.
• No Claims Bonus. We encourage our drivers to use the roadways safely and we reward you for doing so. If no claim is made during the valid period of a policy, then upon renewing the policy you are entitled to a reduction in the Premium.
• ISO certification. This means that we provide you with quality service that meets international standards at no extra cost to you.

• GPS Vehicle Tracking and Insurance Discount
Assuria collaborates with VNet Communications to provide DISCOUNTS on your Motor Insurance premium and GPS Tracking Device and Service.

How it works

  • If the VNET Communications’ GPS system is installed at the time of effecting or renewing a policy, then 5% discount to a maximum of $10,000 is granted. If the GPS system is purchased from another entity, then the discount granted is 5% to a maximum of $5,000.
  • If the GPS system is installed after renewing or effecting the insurance, then the pro-rated refund premium for the period will be utilized to extend VNet Communications’ GPS Service.
  • Assuria’s clients will enjoy SPECIAL DISCOUNTS from VNET Communications.

Please note that:

  • This is not currently part of any of our flagship packages and should be considered a discount.
  • Conditions Apply

Motor Insurance Riders

A Rider is an addition to a policy that modifies its conditions by expanding or restricting benefits or excluding certain conditions from coverage.
At Assuria you have access to these Riders:

• Personal accident
Covers the policyholder/s or beneficiaries for personal injury or losses suffered by the policyholder as a result of an accident.

• Glass breakage
Extension to cover windows or windscreen.

• Loss of use
Reimburses you for your transportation costs, while your vehicle is being repaired or replaced after being damaged by an insured peril for which we pay such claim.

• Medical Expenses
An extension to over the policyholder or driver for injuries as a result of an accident.

• Underinsurance
This covers the insured for damages where the Third Party was liable for the accident.

Types of Coverages

At Assuria, you have the following types of coverages available to you.

Comprehensive Motor Insurance
This type of insurance covers loss or damage to the insured’s vehicle as a result of accidental damage or other covered perils along with liability to third parties.

Third party Motor Insurance

This level of insurance covers liability in respect of bodily injuries, death or property damage to third parties but not the first party, which is you.

Third Party Fire & Theft Motor Insurance
This form of insurance would cover loss or damages to the insured’s vehicle as a result of fire or theft. It covers your vehicle along with liability to third parties.

Types of vehicles covered

Here is a list of the types of vehicles that we provide insurance for.

  • Private vehicles
  • Commercial vehicles
  • Hire cars
  • Minibuses
  • Agriculture vehicles
  • Motorcycles
  • Articulated vehicles

Special Packages

There are benefits for you and your family with Assuria’s Motor Insurance. These packages were designed to give you even more!

• Female Plan
Female drivers can look forward to FREE extensions on their motor insurance. These may include Loss of Use, Personal Accident, Glass Breakage, and more.

• Group Plan
If you are part of a Group Life or Group Medical policy with Assuria, you will receive discounts on your Motor Insurance Policy as well as free extensions such as Glass breakage and Personal Accident.

• Serve and Protect Comprehensive Motor Insurance Plan

Once you are part of the Serve and Protect Plan with Assuria you are entitled to additional benefits. This is applicable to Army, Police, Prison or Fire Officers. The cover provides reduced rates with free extensions.

• Preferred Zones for Mini Buses
Mini buses which operate within the safest zones or zones where accidents are least likely to happen, will enjoy reduced premiums.

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