Although we may all like to avoid it, sometimes illnesses come uninvited. Health Insurance ensures that at the time of any illness or accident, your medical expenses can be met, allowing your savings and funds to remain intact while you receive the healthcare that you deserve.

Serve and Protect Plan

Frontline workers, military and paramilitary duties are a hazardous profession. Officers will have to voluntarily put themselves into potentially dangerous situations in order to protect, serve and care for  the communities in which we live. Consequently, they will have to depend on their training, equipment and experience as their first line of defense in order to minimize the risk of injury or death.

However, if or when those defenses are breached in any way, it is only appropriate for the communities they serve, to help protect their families that are left vulnerable to the financial consequences of their honorable actions.

We launched our Serve & Protect Plan to return this service and protect your most valuable assets.

Guyana Teachers Union Plan

Assuria entered into an agreement with the Guyana Teachers Union to provide the members of the Union with special reduced rates and benefits.

Guyana Nurses Association Plan

Assuria entered into an agreement with the Guyana Nurses Association to provide the members of the Association with special reduced rates and benefits.

International Health Insurance

Your health is your wealth. That is why AZPAS, our international health insurance, guarantees you the best care while protecting your finances.

This is worldwide coverage that caters for cost from the general practitioner, treatments in the hospital, medicines, and specialist care. In addition, you can include maternity care, newborn coverage, optical care, alternative medicine, and dentist.