Advanced Endowment

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What is an Advanced Endowment policy?
A financial plan designed to pay a lump sum to the policyholder after a specified term or earlier in the event of death.

The coverage amount is paid-out in four installments during the lifetime of the policy with your beneficiaries still being eligible for the full benefits during the period, in the event of your death.

Benefits to you or your family
Living Benefits

  • The full value of the policy becomes payable in four installments (10%, 20%, 20% & 50%)
  • An investment that gives access to emergency funds through policy loans after 3 years.
  • Endowments may be cashed in after 3 years
  • FREE inclusion to waive premiums if the insured becomes disabled.

Death Benefits

  • The lump-sum payment can cover funeral and other expenses
  • Beneficiaries receive the full face value of the policy
  • Even if 1-3 installments were paid out, your beneficiary still receives the full face value of the policy

Types of Payment Plans

  • 12 years   
  • 16  years  
  • 20 years                                              

Requirements to be insured

  • ID/Passport of the policyholder
  • Proof of Address
  • TIN
  • Birth Certificate if insuring a child under 14 years old
  • Medical Examination may be requested

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