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There are benefits for you and your family with Assuria’s Home Insurance. These packages were designed to give you even more and to protect your investments!

No Claim Rebate Premium Reduction on Residential Policies

  • One of the benefits of having a Residential Fire Insurance Policy at Assuria is that you can enjoy up to 30% reduction of the original premium if no claims are made.
  • These reductions are earned at the due date/anniversary date of the policy.
  • The discount in the premium starts at 10% after the first year and continues for three consecutive years.

Assuria's Dream Realised Package 

Assuria in support of the Central Housing and Planning Authority is helping YOU to realise your dream of owning your OWN HOME, by offering as much as 50% DISCOUNT ON RESIDENTIAL INSURANCE on your 1st year premium. 

Who is eligible?
✔ All first-time property owners who have received land or property through the Central Housing and Planning Authority.

Additional Benefits

✔ FREE Inhabitable Rental Assistance
✔ FREE Extended perils
✔ Policy issued within 24 hours
✔ Access to Discount Card program (up to 10% discount at 50+ stores in Guyana)
✔ BUNDLE INSURANCE with 5% DISCOUNT on your Motor Insurance
✔ Easy Payment Plans
✔ Online support and payment
✔ Prompt Claims Handling
✔ ISO Certification to ISO 9001: 2015

Group Package
If you are part of a Group Life or Group Medical plan with Assuria, you will receive discounts on your Home Insurance Policy as well as FREE extensions.

Serve and Protect
A specially designed package for Army, Police, Prison or Fire Officers that offers our frontline workers reduced and preferential rates and FREE extensions.

Information required for taking insurance

  • ID/Passport of the policyholder
  • Proof of Address
  • TIN
  • Proof of ownership (Transport/Land Title or Agreement of Sale)
  • Property available for inspection or photos of buildings and contents