Fire & Related Risks

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Assuria provides coverage for the following risks:


This type of policy covers risk (building, stock, machinery, equipment etc) against loss or damage by fire, lightning, explosion, riot, strike, malicious damage, storm, flood, vehicle impact


A policy that provides coverage for any property that is within the premises should it be lost or damaged by theft accompanied by actual forcible or violent breaking into or if taken out of the premises or any attempt to do so. Coverage also includes damage to the premises that would've been a consequent of such theft or any attempt thereof.

Computer All Risk

Covers equipment while being used in the performance of its proper function against any unforeseen or accidental loss or damage from any cause other than specified exclusion necessitating repair or replacement. This cover includes the perils of fire, lighting, explosion, negligent or malicious acts of employees or third parties, incorrect operation, burglary, theft, robbery and the events related to them, faulty design and material, scorching and charring, smoke, soot, forces of nature such as storm, flood, hail, landslide except seismic perils, any influence of water and moisture and corrosion from them.

Plate Glass

The type of policy covers glass attached to a building against accidental or deliberate breakage.

Boiler Explosion

Coverage for boilers against explosion and implosion damages.



  • Articles of Incorporation and/or Business Registration
  • TIN
  • IDs of Directors
  • Proof of address
  • Proof of ownership (Transport/Land Title or Agreement of Sale)
  • Most recent Financial Report (Balance Sheet and Income Expenditure Account)
  • Property available for inspection or photos of buildings and contents


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