We’ve done a great job protecting you on land, let us now protect you in the air and on the seas.

Coverages Available for you

Marine Cargo Insurance
Protection that insures your property or goods while in transit against perils resulting from or related to the navigation of the sea, air, rail, road, or inland waterways.

Marine Hull
Marine hull insurance is specifically designed to provide coverage for water vehicles like a boat, ship, yacht, etc. The insurance provides financial protection in case of any damage to the vessel’s body (hull) and/or the machinery due to risks covered by the policy.


Information required to get going

Marine Cargo

  • Applicant Information (Business name/Owners)
  • Sum Insured (Your Invoice will show the exact value)
  • Cargo Description (Invoice or Bill of Lading will have this information)
  • How is the cargo being packed? (Containerized/pallets/break bulk )
  • Port of Departure and Port of Arrival
  • Vessel name
  • Shipping Company (if available)
  • Loss History Details (if any)

Marine Hull

  • Condition/Valuation Survey (Hull value must be separate from machinery value)
  • If coverage is requested to cover cargo and crew (type of cargo usually shipped and limits for both crew and cargo must be provided)


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