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Assuria provides coverage for the following risks:

Fidelity Guarantee
A coverage for loss of money, goods and more resulting from any fraudulent or dishonest act committed by any employee or other party.

Cash in Transit/Cash on Premises
We provide these two types of policies to protect cash against theft while in transit to and from your premises. This type of coverage can also protect cash while on your premises during and after working hours. Coverage is also provided for assault or bodily injury to employees who may be present at the time of a robbery.

Plate Glass
The type of policy covers glass attached to a building against accidental or deliberate breakage.

Equipment (Machinery) All Risk
A policy that covers equipment or machinery against physical loss or damage.
This type of policy has been extended to cover equipment for FREE while in transit anywhere in Guyana.

Goods in Transit
Covers goods in the event of loss or damage by any accident or misfortune while in transit, which includes loading and unloading of such goods.

Assuria provides coverage against theft, actual forcible and violent entry into and onto your premises or any attempt at that point in time. Any damage done to your property will be covered.

Computer All Risk
A policy that covers computers against damage caused as a result of incorrect operation, burglary, natural diasters and more.

Contractors All Risk
This is a policy that covers the permanent and/or temporary works forming part of a contract and the plant, materials and other effects used or intended for use in connection with the contract.

Group Personal Accident
This type of policy compensates for temporary or permanent disablement, accidental medical expenses and loss of income, due to accidental bodily injury caused solely and directly by violent external and visible means and being the sole and direct cause of death or disablement.

What does it mean to be covered by the Assuria’s Group Personal Accident insurance?

  • A sum payable if death is the result of an accident.
  • A sum payable if as the result of an accident, the person concerned becomes permanently disabled.
  • A sum payable if the insured, as the result of an accident, is temporarily incapacitated to work.
  • A sum payable for expenses of medical treatment caused by an accident.

Consequential Loss or Business Interruption
A coverage for loss resulting from necessary Interruption of Business caused by direct physical loss or damage, as a result of fire & lightning, explosion, riot & strike, civil commotion, malicious damage, aircraft & vehicle damage, earthquake, subsidence & landslip, flood & tidal wave, burst pipes, bush fire and spontaneous combustion perils, etc.


  • Articles of Incorporation and/or Business Registration
  • Nature of Business
  • TIN
  • IDs of Directors


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