Health Insurance

To process your Medical Claim, a completed Assuria Claim form is required along with the following information:

  • Date of visit
  • Diagnosis
  • Doctor’s Signature
  • Doctor’s Stamp
  • Original receipts with revenue stamps (please see note below)
  • Name and address of patient/ insured.
  • Itemized breakdown (where necessary)
  • ID # or Passport #
  • Insured Contact information

NOTE: If the insured wishes to claim from NIS or any other insurance company, it is required that the original receipts be submitted to the first insurer, upon reimbursement the claim is then submitted to the second insurer for reimbursement along with a detailed breakdown of the first insurer’s reimbursement amounts along with photocopied receipts and a completed Claim Form.

If the above-mentioned requirements are not satisfied, there may be a delay in the processing of your payment.

Other additional information or documents may be requested if they are deemed necessary to process your claim.


Complete the form below to Report a Claim.